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Friday, December 12, 2008
Is there really a White Wolf Vampire MMORPG in development?
By Harlequin @ 7:02 PM :: 14 Views :: 1 Comments :: :: WoD News

This is the most pressing question.. and here is the post dated Nov 16 2006 from Will, a WW staffer. It is pretty clear, you can also read it at its source.

This didn't happen at Gen Con. Things were already in motion, by then.

We've been working on MMO-related stuff for a while, ranging from brainstorming to some serious design work, though nothing you'd really call "preproduction" by any means. It's not like we're just getting started now that the legal paperwork is done.

CCP is not making the MMO. WE are making the MMO -- CCP and White Wolf, together.

The MMO is not intended as a replacement for the paper RPG. Right now, we're committed to both projects as aspects of our larger, ongoing virtual world -- the World of Darkness. Likewise, we're hoping EVE will get similar treatment, becoming a deeper setting through both MMO and paper-RPG play. The only reason I think we'll abandon paper RPGs is if you abandon us first.

The MMO will not be the paper RPG online. MMOs and paper RPGs need different things to do what they do well. We're planning on making a great MMO and a great paper RPG, without forcing either to do the other's bidding.



Also here are more links to dev interviews talking about how they can't about the WoD MMORPG...

Ten Ton Hammer
Video Gaming 24/7
Planet Vampire

Read More..
Friday, December 19, 2008
Need Photoshop Pro...
By Harlequin @ 7:42 PM :: 1 Views :: 0 Comments :: :: Site News

Or any one skilled in any image editing software. We need some quick work on the side/top banners. Some V:tM or even better V:tR image to replace the place holders we got.

The side image has to be 216x600, larger and it gets clipped off. The top image can be more or less any size but clearly you do not want it too large.

Any help on this appreciated, feel free to PM or email me if you have questions. Thank you!

Read More..
Friday, December 19, 2008
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Patch 5.9
By Harlequin @ 4:37 PM :: 3 Views :: 0 Comments :: :: General News

For those of you still playing Bloodlines a new community patch is released bringing up to vr 5.9, here is the change log:

v5.9 18.12.2008

  • +Made player heal before Blood Hunt and repaired bad CD quest update.
  • +Added Heather remembrance lines and fixed Gary poster quest issues.
  • +Made Isaac recognize the Tzimisce defeat for non-Toreador clans too.
  • +Added ring and watch to pawnshop and fixed two Copper log problems.
  • +Made damage by fire more consistent for Andrei and Sheriff warforms.
  • +Fixed quest log updates for Ash, Romero and Heather on their death.
  • Fitted Cathayan report dates to morgue pc dates and fixed bum quest.
  • Corrected Milligan not leaving cutscene and improved anti-cheating.
  • Fixed beastform model and added slash sound to Heather's last scene.
  • Corrected Gimble and Nines Obfuscate issues and minor text details.
  • Fixed minor dialogue problems of Heather, Knox, Skelter and Beckett.
  • Added subtitles for cutscenes and conversations, thanks to Voerman.
  • Restored some Ocean House and beachhouse lines and Chunk-Asylum fix.
  • Corrected basic healing rate and added one sound to Muddy cutscene.
  • Removed xp for Romero loving after zombie quest but made him return.
  • Fixed Vandal endgame freeze and wrong door sound at the Ramen shop.
  • Made Chastity not biteable and fixed Sin Bin handle and area change.
  • Swapped Igor's .38 with GLOCK 19 and gave more hit points to Larry.
  • Replaced money in Kamikaze Zen safe by name plate to fix xp problem.
  • Exchanged Brawl and Finance book locations inside the Empire hotel.
  • Swapped dancers between clubs to avoid too many similar ones nearby.
  • Gave GLOCKs to hunters in Ash sewers to fit gun shown on the model.
  • Restored the uncensored US decapitation cutscene, thanks to Keleigh.

You can D/L of the file here .


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